Job Complete – This year

With the support and guidance of the parish, we have completed an incredible amount of work and worship in this corner of Virginia.

  1. We completed a 65 foot ramp at Judy’s house which had 31 post holes and 156 planks
  2. We delivered and then created a store front from the 160 dresses and beauty kits  you donated.  We then had a grand opening from 10am-3pm on November 12, 2016.
  3. We delivered 20 fleece blankets
  4. First Aid Kits

In addition, we followed discipline of worship at Grace House on the Mountain, where your cross, your altar frontal, your candlesticks and your prayers sustained us as we progressed through our week.

These simple acts transformed our team and our relationship with you and you should  plan on hearing from us once we return home tomorrow about our experiences.

First, take a look at the ramp that you helped create from the perspective of the new owner.


Here is a different perspective.  Here Judy is on the landing after coming down all of the way to the bottom and then going back up the ramp to the platform.


The team and Judy.


Here are the ladies prepping the dresses for the new dress store in Castlewood, Virginia.




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