Job Complete – This year

With the support and guidance of the parish, we have completed an incredible amount of work and worship in this corner of Virginia.

  1. We completed a 65 foot ramp at Judy’s house which had 31 post holes and 156 planks
  2. We delivered and then created a store front from the 160 dresses and beauty kits  you donated.  We then had a grand opening from 10am-3pm on November 12, 2016.
  3. We delivered 20 fleece blankets
  4. First Aid Kits

In addition, we followed discipline of worship at Grace House on the Mountain, where your cross, your altar frontal, your candlesticks and your prayers sustained us as we progressed through our week.

These simple acts transformed our team and our relationship with you and you should  plan on hearing from us once we return home tomorrow about our experiences.

First, take a look at the ramp that you helped create from the perspective of the new owner.


Here is a different perspective.  Here Judy is on the landing after coming down all of the way to the bottom and then going back up the ramp to the platform.


The team and Judy.


Here are the ladies prepping the dresses for the new dress store in Castlewood, Virginia.




Trip to Dante

November 11, 2016

Fr. Burgess, Denise, Kaitlyn, Sarah, Debbie, Jordan, David and Natalie went to Dante, Virginia with Miss Anita. If you click on the map, we are working in Castlewood, Virginia building the ramp.

Some images from the Dante excursion.

Site Safety

Site safety is a primary concern.  Whether it is part of the construction site or making sure team members are properly hydrated.

Mike and Miss Anita are the leaders for safety and  have taught, young and old,  new strategies in enhancing the overall safety posture of the team.

We thank them for their service in keeping the team focused on this important aspect of the trip.


Tremendous Progress Today

November 11, 2016

With the conclusion of Chopsaw Fest, we looked up and saw the work we completed today.


Here are some highlight pictures for you to enjoy.


Chopsaw Fest

November 11, 2016

Today was planking day!

This required the creation of many planks to be cut and screwed down.  To celebrate planking day, we enlisted the support of all members of the team to use and learn the chopsaw.

We conducted a safety course for each participant they all passed with flying colors.

This evening the ever popular Mike Sanchez counted the number of planks laid down and challenged the 6 teams to guess the correct number.


The winner of this contest would win a lifetime of 2 1/2 inch screw nails.

The winner was Rod Johnson with a grand total of 138 planks measured and laid on the ramp with a total of 828 screws used.


Work on the ramp continues

November 10, 2016

We were able to dig the holes and get the supports up for the 38 foot run from the house pitch and to the turn.

Today’s selfie courtesy of Mike Sanchez.


The pictures below show some great people doing some great work.


Work continues with the dresses.  The ladies went to shop and arranged the entire display. Picture are coming! They organized by size and length.  Fittings will occur this coming Saturday from 10am-3pm.


Project Kick-Off November 9, 2016

We started work today and boy did we work.

Jerry, our site manager, fully unveiled the project today in the lovely town Castlewood, Virginia. Our response was, “Jerry,  we need to dig how many holes? The ramp is how long?”

The project is to clear brush, build a ramp from back porch down the hill for 38 feet and then jag to the left so that the homeowner can access her house and avoid a steep set stairs at that front of the house. Steep is a relative term in these parts.

We calculated that there will be 20 plus post holes to be dug and then assembly of the ramp.



The following pictures show some of the events during the day.  Natalie Henning offered the reading at Morning Prayer today, Mike Sanchez mugging for the camera in a selfie and what we think is a beautiful shot is Rob Johnson showing is daughter Kaitlyn how to safely use a chop saw.

We built the top deck and assembled the bottom deck.  We then dug 10 post holes.  Just so you know, battling limestone in this soil is a joy that the team can universally say is not fun!

On separate activities:

  • Chelsea and Denise Burgess sorted out the food requirements today and then made dinner for the team!  Meatloaf rocked.
  • Rob, Denise, Chelsea and Kaitlyn delivered the dresses to the storefront and we are prepping for the first young ladies.